REVIEW: Lime Crime Velvetines | Wicked, Red Velvet, Riot and Cashmere with swatches


Living in the UK means it's a little more difficult buying brands that are near exclusive to the states due to insanely huge price differences and import costs. But lo and behold I finally found a trustworthy beauty website called LoveMakeup.co.uk that shipped from within the UK, not only that but they had a mini sale on for the Christmas weekend! 

Yep, I spent my Christmas morning buying makeup. Pretty productive of me I'd say. 

Before purchasing, I already knew what shades I was interested in trying out thanks to several hours of watching beauty videos. 

I bought Wicked, Red Velvet, Riot and Cashmere (I also bought Pink Velvet and Black Velvet but will review those in a later post!) 

The staying power of these beauties is unreal. I've eaten hot noodles, doughnuts and more yet they still seem to retain their colour and don't smear. Each formula is a little different and so they individually differ when it comes to longevity but the colours are unbelievably opaque and the small doe-foot applicator makes it surprisingly easy to apply. You don't want accidentally overline your lips with these as it just will not come off!

It last roughly 4-6 hours without reapplying, unless you're eating really oily foods then you will see it start to crack in the inside rim of your lips. I've heard stories of how difficult it is to remove the lipsticks at the end of the day, however, I've found it is actually quite easy and not even a little bit painful for your lips if you use some baby oil on a makeup remover pad.

I bought each lipstick for £12.50 each (not sure if the promotion is still running) and while that's a little hefty for a lipstick that is not from a luxury brand, I think its a great product that actually is what its meant to be a: a matte, opaque, non-smudging lipstick.

Let me know what your experiences are with matte lipsticks in the comments below. I would love to hear them!


p.s swatches are on their way!

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